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Choose the right program for you 


A good technical set-up on the cello saves you time, money and aggravation. If you don’t have an instrument, I can help you select a cello to either buy or rent. 


Perhaps you’ve been playing for years, or you used to play, or you just feel like you need a new approach to get past some blocks and move forward at a quicker pace. 


There is always room to find more ease, power and stability. As a seasoned performer, I can help you bring your goods to the table when you’re under pressure and help eliminate self-sabotage. The more technique you have, the closer you can come to expressing everything inside you and bring your musical collaborations to an even higher level. 


Everyone is “custom.” Every person brings a different set of skills and blockages to the table. It is my job to balance all of your skill sets (playing, sight-reading, understanding theory, flexibility of focus and performance mindset) so that you are functioning at your optimum level. 


Putting together chamber music with friends? Need a referee? Want a peak experience? Contact me.

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