Why Skype Works

I have been Skyping (video conferencing) cello lessons for several years. Skyping is not a compromise in any way. Students step up to the plate with increased maturity of focus and cultivate responsibility for their own learning.  Other than playing duets together (and even this is possible with headphones), there is no aspect of teaching cello that I haven’t covered in depth over Skype.  Children can easily and independently Skype with me by the age of 7 or 8 and before that, a helping parent, sibling or babysitter is needed, just like in regular lessons. 

My brand of skyping is not a formal affair. Students are relaxed and in their own home settings. Connections are very clear. If Skype is misbehaving, I have multiple quick solutions – I’ve never had to cancel a lesson due to connectivity issues. 

The other very clear advantage of Skyping is that it is extremely convenient for everyone involved. Everyone gets a little break from the schlepping festival of life.